About Peet

Dutch artist Peet is the owner of Typical Dutch Art and she loves windmills! Her work is very much inspired by them and the rich history, rituals and traditions of The Netherlands. 

She uses the material of old cloth from authentic Dutch windmills as the basis for her paintings, with every piece bearing a unique reference to the original windmill and its identifying monument reference number. The sailcloths tend to last 25 years or so on the mill, after which Peet upcycles them into beautiful paintings and small artworks. The sailcloth is used from mills from the UNESCO site Kinderdijk, the Zaanse Schans, mills in Groningen or Brabant. They vary in colour from brown, grey, cream, red, orange or yellow.

Peet has developed way to treat the old sail cloth – cleaning, framing and preparation – to enable her to apply oil paint on it and create a unique piece of Dutch Art. 

Much of the sailcloth includes details like repairs which are then integrated into the artwork. Also decades of wind, rain and sunshine give the artwork a typical Dutch character. 

Besides her own art, Peet also does commissioned pieces for private individuals and companies. These can be any scale from small business gifts to large oil paintings, and all on the sailcloth of their chosen windmill. Among her customers is the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, high end retail in Amsterdam. Even the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has received one of Peet’s paintings. Peet ships her artwork worldwide.