Customer reviews

It is beautiful! I had just the place for it .🌷 I decided to send the one with brown sails to my California friend for Sinterklaas/Christmas.

USA customer, 12 April 2022 Messenger

I really recommend them! They are beautiful, communication with Peet was perfect, delivery quick and even the wrapping was lovely, so it makes them an excellent present!

Expat in Den Haag, 10 March 2022 Facebook

i can also recommend them. Bought three recently for Xmas gifts and the recipients looved them.

Expat in Den Haag, 10 March 2022 Facebook

I can recommend Peet also! I have two lovely pieces myself. 🙂 They also make a really nice souvenir from The Netherlands (better than the plastic, overproduced touristy stuff you see around).

Expat in Den Haag, 10 March 2022 Facebook

Peet, today was my Moms birthday and she was thrilled with her gift. Thank you!

USA customer, 18 feb 2022

Merry Christmas, Peet! Received my package, just before Christmas! The are more beautiful then the pictures! Thank you so much! They will be cherished! Thanks again! 🎄🎁

USA customer, 25 Dec 2021 Messenger

They are priceless! Glad they’re crossing the pond and will have a new, loving home in Kentucky!! I have friends who lived in Soesterberg who relocated to Louisville!! A lovely state!!

USA 21 aug 2021 Facebook